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    Working business plan for your startup company Services

    Are you a small scale business man? Or a large scale. Hackrapid is all you need. We create standard websites for your businesses and perform a 24 hours surveillance on it, against Cyber threats. We secure all your online payments and transactions. We protect your Company’s data base from Cyber threats and secure all your documents. We hack into your company’s CTV by your own permission, watch it 24hours, and inform you of any physical threats. We do all of these and even more.

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    Private Individuals.

    Increase your cyber Security

    Are you a working class Salary earner? Retired, Unemployed or still a student.We Provide All round security for you, by Protecting your electrical devices from hackers, help you track anybody anywhere and find out more about them, recover your stolen Cars, Phones, etc. And even recover your social media’s lost passwords. If you’re a student or a Teacher, we can Hack into school’s databases for you, and modify documents, and also show you results before they’re being uploaded. We can do all of these and more.

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    Price plans

    Why you should use one of ourPricing Plans

    We made a pricing plan based on Popular demands from clients. These plans are to your own advantage. The Price for just a single project could be worth one of the pricing plans, while The Price for just a single price plan, can solve 4 different Problems. Using a Price plan, is something you don’t need to be told to do. BE WISE !

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    Choice of Pricing Plan

    Choosing a Plan that best suits you

    Choosing a plan is something you should select based on Socioeconomic activity, not the price, ‘cos the jobs goes very well beyond the prices. The pricing plans would soon be changed so make good exploit of it before it gets modified. As a student an employee, or still unemployed. You could still work with the starter plan, based on your level of using the internet. But as an Entrepreneur or an Organization owner, you are strictly advised to use the Enterprise plan; at least the business plan.

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