I'm Bryan. An Ethical Hacker from New York.

In a professional context well professionalized hackers often prefer working privately, or with fellow hackers than working for the Government, or Private Organizations.

About Me

I’m Bryan, an Ethical Hacker. I’ve worked in three government Organizations, and 4 Public corporations, before I was Finally given the opportunity to join Hackrapid. Here, I’ve met so many skilled hackers, way better than I ever imagined. So far, we’ve worked for countless organizations, from different countries, directly from our company. It’s been a great honor, being a part of the Team.

Mar 2010
California Institute of Technology.

Majored in Software Engineering.

Mar 2012
Augusta Technical College.

Cyber Security.

Apr 2013
University of Pittsburgh

Artificial Intelligence.

Feb 2017
Intern learning in USA

Distribute to clients and investors, both current and potential.

Frontend in MMA Design

I believe that analysis of your company and your customers is key to responding effective.

Database Security

We’re in charge of the security of several company’s databases. We protect them against Cyber threats, and help in backing up all their necessary files.

Password Recovery

We recover, all lost passwords.. either social media, applications, money transfer, and all other passwords.

Knowledge & Skills
Software Development
Spying and Tracking
Data management
  • Multiple Services

    The skills stated above are just my own specialties. We are a theme of multiple hackers, and people with different skills. That’s why we are able to offer multiple Services, and solve different problems.

  • Professional Skills

    This is a Team of well Professionalized hackers; I can boldly say it. Before I was allowed into this agency, I had to be of so many values, with all of my skills, I’m still one of the least here. Our Team Can do basically anything, far more than you can imagine.

  • 5-stars rating feedback

    Our Agency has a Total of 98% rating, from 275+ clients, having carried out 480+ projects. We make basically zero errors, and we always meet your expectations.

Cyber Security and Software Development

Let's create something great together!

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